Chargeback Prevention

Don’t let chargebacks cut into your profits.

Fraud Prevention

Why You Must Take Steps to Prevent Chargebacks

Chargebacks can cost you money and place your merchant services account in jeopardy. The problem occurs when a customer demands a refund—not from you, but from the issuing bank. Your business can get hit with exorbitant fees and penalties, but quite often, these refunds are the result of fraud on the part of the customer. That’s why chargeback prevention is so important.

QPay Europe uses real-time data visualisations, customised tracking and reporting tools, and a proprietary blacklist database to help prevent chargebacks and preserve your merchant account standing.

Dashboard Tools
QPay Europe’s Payment Gateway Dashboard makes it easy to monitor all of your customer activity in real time and decline transactions with a high chargeback probability.
Blacklist Database
We maintain an ever-growing list of IP addresses that have been associated with fraudulent purchases. You’ll be alerted of any incoming transactions from potentially high-risk customers.
Fewer Fraud-Related Costs
By monitoring your transactions and denying potentially fraudulent purchases, you can be assured of fewer chargeback fees and less inventory loss.
Preventative Measures

Choose the Smart Option for Chargeback Prevention

Every merchant services provider interacts with their customers’ and merchants’ banks to facilitate streamlined transactions. However, many providers offer few if any safeguards for merchants in dealing with fraudulent customer transactions.

Your average merchant provider will keep track of their merchants’ chargeback ratios. If the ratio gets too high, the merchant is deemed high-risk. The merchant provider may then cancel the merchant’s service or impose higher transaction fees.

Rather than leaving you to fend for yourself, QPay Europe works beside you to help minimise chargebacks. Our dedicated chargeback prevention methods are the most sophisticated services of their kind, available for free to all of our merchants. We have years of experience helping merchants grow their business, and that’s why we’re a leading choice for organisations of all sizes.

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